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"You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there."
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I had to write a scene from Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility set in modern times for my English Lit class. It turned out alright, so here it is, for anyone who's interested:
Elinor Dashwood woke up to find the world in mourning. Raindrops splattered against her windowpane, and though they made quite an impressive sound, they could not drown out the ear shattering scream that rang out through the mansion. Forgetting how drowsy she felt just a moment ago, Elinor rushed out of the room, almost tripping over the tangle of wires that trailed from her sister, Marianne's, computer. 
It was this same sister that she found, upon entering the living room, glowering at her mother, who simply glowered back. On her entrance, however, both of them looked up.
"Go on," Marianne almost shouted at her mother. "Tell her!"
"Tell me what?" Elinor walked into the room cautiously.
"Well-" Her mother began.
"We're getting nowhere!" Marianne interrupted. "I'll tell her myself. Our mother has just informed me that she has purchased an apartment, which we're all expected to move into next week, and in Devonshire of all places!"
"Oh, is that all?" Asked Elinor, relief settling into her features. "Judging by the way you were screaming, Marianne, I thought it would be something much worse."
"Worse?" Marianne demanded. "The only thing worse than this would be news of a fifth Twilight book coming out! Honestly Elinor, how can you appear so calm? Especially given your, um, relationship, with Edward."
Despite every effort not to, Elinor felt herself blush at how easily Marianne had jumped to that conclusion.
"I can assure you that Edward and I are just friends," She said. "Whatever affection I feel towards him is the same that any normal woman would feel towards her brother in law."
"Oh yes," Marianne said in a tone of heavy sarcasm. "And I suppose these so called normal women of yours would also spend hours listening to their brother in law go on about some boring new development in the field of robotics! Uninteresting as he is, I believe you to be in love with him, Elinor, and nothing can convince me otherwise!"
With this, she stormed out the door, leaving behind her an infuriated mother and extremely confused sister.
"Elinor?" Mrs. Dashwood eventually recovered herself enough to say. "Are you alright, love?"
"Yes, mama." Elinor smiled at her mother. "I was hoping we would find an affordable place soon. John and Fanny have been good to us, but we really shouldn't abuse their hospitality."
"I quite agree," her mother replied with a grim look on her face. A look that often appeared at the mention of her daughter in law. "I will miss this old place though…so many memories…"
With this, she grew silent once again, reminiscing on the good times that had passed under this very roof.
Elinor slipped out of the room, and walked up the stairs, deep in thought.
She looked up to see Edward at the top of the stairs, car keys in hand.
"Edward." She whispered, unable to think of anything else to say.
"I couldn't help overhearing some of the conversation." He began uneasily. "Devonshire, then?"
"Yes." She stammered. "Yes, Devonshire."
Unable to contain herself any longer, she slipped past Edward and ran up to the attic. She fumbled for the light switch, and on hitting it, found that it had burned out. She slowly felt her way towards the window. Then, and only then, did she break down, her tears mirroring the raindrops that trickled down the windowpane. She cried for the loss of her father, and she cried for the impending loss of her home.
She cried for Edward.
A few minutes later, she walked down the stairs and into the bedroom she shared with her sister. Marianne was singing along to a woeful ballad that blasted out of the speakers, intent on making her feelings known to the entire neighborhood. On seeing Elinor, she lowered the volume.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say all that." She said quietly, guilt written all over her face. "I hope you didn't take it to heart?"

Elinor smiled at her. "I'm fine." She said, before walking past Marianne, and looking out the window, where the rain continued to fall. "I'm perfectly alright."
The world, she saw, was still in mourning, but she pretended that she wasn't.